Gender equality

We take pride in promoting gender equality in our team. We strive to achieve equal representation of genders, and we aim for at least 30% representation of either gender.
Example: we achieved a balance of 50%, with both genders being represented in C-level positions.

Family friendliness

We think that family life and work should be compatible. At Oligo, we all have young children, and we accomodate our work schedules and contract types to let our employees strike a good life-work balance.
Example: we accept employees to work part-time or custom hours, and we fully support maternity rights and telecommuting.


Switzerland is a multicultural country. We reflect this in our team, comprised of people of diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities. This makes for a richer working environment and facilitates dealing with clients from different parts of the world.
Example: our core team comes from three countries and speaks six languages.

Environmental responsibility

We care for the environment and do our best to help protect it.
Example: we chose an energy efficient Minergie-standard building for our headquarters and we encourage employees commuting via public transport by participating in their transport expenses. We recycle our waste, have a paper-free approach and adopt best practices for reducing energy consumption.

Social responsibility

We are lucky to have a thriving business and think our luck should be shared.
Example: we exceed best practices in insurance, social benefits and pension policies for our employees and interns, we buy some of our material (e.g., Christmas cards) from charitable organizations, and when choosing our vendors and providers we privilege those who share revenue with charitable organizations.


We aim at excellence in representing funds. We continuously invest in consistent high-quality practices and we strive to offer value to our clients beyond our contractual and legal obligations.
Example: we constantly help our clients get introduced to investors and useful business contacts, and we advertise their results on social media whenever possible.


UN building, Geneva
The United Nations organization promotes international
peace, security, development and human rights. In 70 years,
agencies and individuals associated with the UN have been
awarded 11 Nobel Peace Prizes.