Oligo now represents three of IFP Luxembourg Fund’s sub-funds

By July 25, 2019 Uncategorized

Oligo is proud to announce that we are now the Swiss representative for three of IFP’s most recent sub-funds, the IFP Luxembourg Fund – IFP Global Environment Fund, IFP Global Emerging Markets Bonds Funds, and the IFP Global Age Fund.

IFP Investment Management SA was founded in Luxembourg in March 2007 as a Management Company and Asset Manager for collective investments, and since 2013 it is a Wealth Management Company for institutions and private individuals. IFP Investment Management SA manages private and institutional portfolios in Luxembourg and Belgium. IFP Investment Management SA benefits from IFP Group’s long-term experience in managing funds since 2003. IFP has been a pioneer in sustainable investments and has used its knowledge to identify through a rigorous investment process leading companies benefiting from a good business model, well-positioned to grow with very good management.

All sub-funds were launched in Luxembourg. The IFP Global Environment Funds was launched in 2009. Its objective is long-term capital growth through investments in bonds and shares in companies exposed to environmental and quality of life issues.

The IFP Global Emerging Markets Bonds Fund was launched in 2011. The objective of the sub-fund is long-term capital growth through investments in debt securities of companies having their registered office or exercising a preponderant part of their economic activity in the Emerging Markets.

The IFP Global Age Fund was launched in 2012. The sub-fund invests primarily in securities of companies that will benefit from an aging world population. The long-term goal of the sub-fund is to beat equity markets.

Oligo is licensed by FINMA to represent funds distributed to qualified and retail investors. Oligo represents over 400 funds from several jurisdictions. With its ongoing cap intro events, Oligo keeps adding real value for its clients.

Should you wish to have your fund represented in Switzerland by Oligo Swiss Fund Services or to receive more information about our services, please contact us using the email address info@oligofunds.ch or by visiting our website: www.oligofunds.ch.