Oligo is now representing Flornoy Valeurs Familiales

By December 6, 2018 Uncategorized

Oligo is proud to announce that we are now the Swiss representative for the Flornoy Fund SICAV’s most recent sub-fund, Flornoy Valeurs Familiales.
Flornoy & Associés Gestion is a French investment management company that is authorized in France and regulated by the French Financial Market Authority (AMF) since 2012. With its seat in Paris, it offers portfolio management, funds, investment strategies, financial planning and advisory services.

The Flornoy Valeurs Familiales sub-fund was launched in France in February 2012. The investment objective is to achieve a net performance above the Stoxx Europe 600 index with a lower volatility, using an active and discretionary management policy over the recommended investment period. The management of the sub-fund is based on rigorous stock picking of only family companies within the European Union with a bias towards big capitalization (>80% are invested in companies with more than 5Bn€). This approach is very unique in the European space. The compartment has no sector constraints. Selection of listed family companies is carried out through a management process that places priority on fundamental analysis and convictions as well as ESG and ethical approach. The management team selects family companies that have a true long-term strategy, having proven themselves in the past, or newest companies using innovative niche strategies. The selected companies have to meet the family criteria, meaning that the company’s capital is held by one or several families and/or the operational management of the company is carried out by one or several families. This fund had a performance of 15.3% in 2017.

Oligo is licensed by FINMA to represent funds distributed to qualified and retail investors. Oligo represents over 400 funds from several jurisdictions. With its ongoing cap intro events, Oligo keeps adding real value for its clients.

Should you wish to have your fund represented in Switzerland by Oligo Swiss Fund Services or to receive more information about our services, please contact us using the email address info@oligofunds.ch or by visiting our website: www.oligofunds.ch.