Montanaro funds join the Oligo family

By August 27, 2018 Uncategorized

Oligo Swiss Fund Services is proud to announce that we are now the Swiss representative for Montanaro Smaller Companies Fund and Montanaro European MidCap Fund.

We are seeing a trend of fund managers with funds approved by FINMA for public distribution in Switzerland moving from other service providers to Oligo. It is with a lot of pleasure that we welcome them.

Montanaro ( is an independent specialist fund manager based in London, which was established in 1991 to research and invest in quoted UK and European Small and MidCap companies. Montanaro invests in “Quality Growth” businesses, which possess the ability to deliver sustainable returns to shareholders. Its funds under management currently amount to €2.8 billion.

The Montanaro European Smaller Companies Fund was launched in December 2000 and is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. Its objective is to primarily invest in SmallCap companies quoted in the EU (including the UK), Iceland, Norway and Switzerland with a market capitalisation smaller than the largest constitutent of the MSCI Europe (Capital Return) Index at the time of initial investment. This €547 million UCITS fund has a net performance of 103% since its launch.

The Montanaro European MidCap Fund was launched in March 2012, has a size of €127million and is also listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. The  Fund  will  invest primarily  in  MidCap  companies  quoted  in  the  EU  (including  the  UK),  Iceland,  Norway  and  Switzerland  with  a market capitalisation  smaller  than  the  largest  constituent  of  the  STOXX  Europe  Mid  200  (Capital  Return) Index  at  the  time  of  initial  investment. The MidCap Fund has a net cumulative performance since inception of 87.4%.

Oligo is licensed by FINMA to represent funds distributed to qualified and retail investors. Oligo represents over 400 funds from several jurisdictions. With its ongoing cap intro events, Oligo keeps adding real value for its clients.

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